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Strange event



Today in an electric train i saw the man with long moustaches.He was eating chicken,which stank on all train.He chewed the moustaches too.I have thought - ''the idiot!''  Later I have sat down on an armchair.

The man has sat down and has started to listen to music in headphones.I was frightened that he has started to read my ideas and has understood that I have told – ''the idiot!'' on him. I was frightened and have left at a following stop. Up to the house of 12 more stops.

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Hello people who prevented on a potato.On a background you see a wall-papers of my friend,which i have torn off from his wall and have pasted here.They white as a snowball.The friend has spat on my wall and i have pasted them.Have noticed,what it is very strategically a prudent step? I have saved on glue.Yes i am very economical person.I don’t even buy a rug for a floor.I am pising in my pants,then i remove them and i wash a floor.Have noticed my cleanliness? I like when the house shines. Everything is shining at my place.In the house i don’t have a mirror,because there is no need.My floor is very clean so i  look at him as in a mirror.If I don’t see reflection of the face,so the point is in my mug.To conclude – my face is dirty,just because i didn’t  wash it this morning.

Water flows on me from a drain pipe, coming from the roof.I hope that the Neptune will send a rain on a roof.If the rain is not present,i thrust the hand in a pipe, and i get a rust,which is inside of a pipe.Then i smear the face.I have a best friend – dermatologist.He says that my skin looks like as an old lady’s face,crushed by tractor.What a joker!Money require! Assholes!  And now i will close the gates of the truth of my life.My name is Carl Michael. I am a member of corporation - A-Heads.I am a horse-radish on a peace of bread in comparison with chiefs of this corporation. We are engaged :  statistics,shadowing.We consider money of people which grow up a potato and not only.Our envoys go all over the World and give advice on cultivation of  Potato.

Put a potato in your underpants,if they are tore - the crop is simply magnificent!.We have already patented this method.Don’t even tell me that you ® heard about somewhere.I have bought to myself about 100 hectares of the ground to grow up a potato.Fairly to tell,on my territory will be located only the heel of a dead worm.I devote much time to biology.Worms do not have legs and i have deduced breed of worms, which have one leg. We have patented this method.Don’t’ even tell me that you ® heard about somewhere,and also go with them to a casino. Concurrence of this story to a real life - only concurrence.

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Good News

 Mr. Nobel liked to listen to a rap and was the main mc in the hood.After gangster firing has started 2 listen 2 Beethoven.Personally knew Bush and Napoleon.Stop it immediately! And now the truth.

Mr. Nobel was the remarkable person,because was clever and hardworking.During a life of Mr. Nobel, my grand grand father grew up a potato,which Bush was eating.Certainly it is an invention and you kids have believed! Mr. Nobel was the grandiose person,because helped  young talents to find itself.Mr. Nobel carried a beard and did not shave her because ,there was no cream. Better for the man is not present – gillete. Alfred got married and loved his wife. But this silly woman has given birth to the child from another person. Do not take in a head! Simply she  was uneducated and you   Mr. Nobel - were the great person.Also there was a premium - Nobel.

Many people received this premium but I never,while. On this site i have decided to sell a potato, with which I shall fill all the World and after i shall receive for it - the premium. Even if i shall not receive the premium, let the  kind people  buy a potato.Someone is engaged in oil, someone sells steel.I have opened the business.I sell a door from a street toilet for 600 dollars.I will tell by a secret - even Alfred Nobel ate a potato.Follow up the news!

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