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Yesterday i called to the farm i was interested in potato harvest.Farmer said that crops were eating by beetles.I wasn't upset,because I didn't have a farm.I called the wrong number.I recently wrote a letter to the UN.In attachment with the letter i put a bag with some food.Today i received a response.In an envelope with the letter was used tea bag and someone's glasses.

Yes, i have decided to do trade activities.As i have said i will  craft some gifts.I have stopped selling potatoes,because theyv got  eatin by postmen.Now i do various crafts.
I am the author of many patents.Put your hand into your pocket and put out - this is my patent.Its not the saim theme.Soon i will open the store on this site and w sell different stuff.Now i'm making wooden tv.
Thank you, follow up he news.


Many people want to live happily and so they pray to God.One man wanted to win a million in the casino.He started to pray,and suddenly heard a voice from the ceiling.The voice said - hey man put the coin into the apparat don't be lazy.
It's a little parable,with out hard work you can't pull a fish.Yesterday I was in the store i saw there huge green cucumber.He was green as he should be.I was delighted and bought some candies for my car -
Volkswagen.Hmm i forgot to say something,aaaa ooh yes i have remembered.About store.I'm waiting too long for this.
I think that robots will not ruin humanity.Somebody is knocking in the nape! About my store.
Some people are selling toilet seats for a lot of money (fabulous price).Some people are selling chicken barbecue.When i was a little boy i have planted my fav potato.Once a bum climbed into my garden and stole everything.since then i do not sell potatoes.But recently i decided again to do this.Im understanding that potatoes shelf life is too little.
That's why i decided to plant grass on the head of potato.It's very simple.Take a sewing kit,cotton,tissue and sew something like a potato.Take a seeds of grass and put them into your potato.Sometimes i find some crap to sell,but who interested in it?
And that's why i decided to make some gifts with my hands.

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Summer Sun

Yesterday i was reading the newspaper, there was an article,about how good to go to the toilet after a big meal.I got scared and ran to the toilet.But it's not the main discus.Many people think that this site is a crap and here we talk only about evil beavers.But its not right.Each article has a deep meaning.This articles not just tells you about naked penguins and about ears of Tony Blair.When you read this site, think that its is very important book,which must be read and retold.Tell it to homeless for some food,but its not necessarily,
Read this book,eat some bun and go to sleep.At The next day everything will change and you'll be fine.You hear it? In the bushes some one smells.There is a fish waiting for a cat.Im not retard-guy.Yes.
I'm sorry i'm very nervous.I like to work hard.My work is to sit on the tree and look down.Once a lumberjack choped that tree and i fell from it.Lumberjack for the job paid me some cash.Read the content of this site,and think that its very importatnt book,which will guide you on the right path.Soon here will be the store.Thanks to Moses for the idea.

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Spring dreams

I know english i am inglishman.At school we were learning english,thats why i know it so bad.I like to travel.Once i was in London,i was swimming in Thames.It was good dream and i woke up dirty.Once i was in New-York,it was good dream.I woke up with broken leg.I travel alot because i like to sleep.
Our world is very small.Once i went  to the forest to have a nap.I couldn't fall asleep for a while, because i ate some red mushrooms.A little bit later monster have come,i got scared and ran away.It was - green Chupacabra.Now its very difficultly to relax somewhere.Because everywhere are cataclysms.God is angry and sends on Earth of sinners some accident.People are abnormal now.Llets pray and do exercise every day!

Thank you,follow up.


I am completely forgot that there were holidays.I was in the shower,cleaning a steel foot of my robot.Then i went to sleep
and forgot.There was a new year night - marry christmas!!! There was a birthday of a flying pelican - happy new year!! And others holidays.Congratulations,be happy and healthy,snowman will not disturb your life any more.
Soon there will b spring and i am happy to congratulate you.In the spring the sun shines and the small fish,nanny-goat and little bear wakes up from sun rays.The hunter goes to the wood to kill all animals.But animals have built long time ago a small house and have closed all the doors.And my dream is to fix my roof, so there were no water leaking on my head.
The drunken hunter loves to fall down from the roof on my head whith his animals.In the spring i will support my granny.My task is :  to clean the house,to sweep street,i will paint a fence and i will drive my fav tractor.And so till 2012.

I dont understand who is screaming about our death in 2012??? In 2012 I will buy the trailer for a tractor and we won't be lost.Now - world crisis.The work isn't present, but it is possible to laugh more.Freaks at the government.Ho-ho-ho! But they laugh at us.In the spring birdies will arrive, and small insects will wake up.Lets take a look at  birdies and make some cheer,so trees wouldn't cry.
Lets take a brushes and sweep streets at the spring.
Thank you, follow up.




Its a summer time! Im very happy like a chicken.I don't care about snow,beacuse my shovel swims with me in the river.There also swims malicious wild boar.I h decided to buy a gun to frighten a wild boar,beacuse he is not letting me to swim in the river.I was mistaken and have bought some sweets.I ate a big amount of sweetы to become - Mega Sweet.I don't like Batman - the boar is my hero.At the summer we can swim and chop trees.From wood we can make a book about elf's and boars.

Summer is good - when you have a deodorant for men.When you see a robber,take your deodorant,put it into your pocket and run away.The robber will be frightened and will go to police : i must consider my sins! Summer is a good period,but my fav is - spring or young autumn.And again,this story looks like it was written by retard.
Thank you.

Hello again!

Hi there,
Now i live with my grandmother.Yes she still sits in the internet throw the tv and she wathches her  fav programms on radio.My grandmother takes red,blue and green pill every morning,and then runs around the house so i can hear her scream - ''freedom! freedom to jamaica! freedom!''

At the morning i have some serious things to do.Im  getting on  a wooden horse and  hunting  drunk drivers.There is a river near my house.Once i threw my favourite toy-penguin into the water and then i have called the emergency services, to rescued him.In our city apartment(hmm huh!) - there live other people now.
The house of my grandmother stands on the chicken's legs near the wood.At the morning i can hear the singing of the tractors,someone is knocking trash can with hammer at night.I'm helping around the house! I love to glue the chips to the carpet and then clean it.In the house lives almost the entire family.I sleep in the bushes,dad sleeps on the couch.

Now university is closed for the holidays and I decided to find a job, my job is - to correct bad estimates.On the planet there is an economical crisis and  father has found a job  of watchmen.The salary is to little to buy a bread.He steals bread,eats it and goes to sleep in the forest.When i am hungry i put my hand into my slippers and steal a sweet buns form it.My story smells like ''asshole story'' - such a situation,so i just brightens up the situation.
It is a summer time, thank God i  can walk in slippers and sleep in them.It is necessary to find a normal job,because in the winter you will be like a drunk Yetti in your slippers.During the summer,i plan to read a book about hobbits and to steal another sweet buns.
I dont like to watch a football match,because my fav team are - climbers from mountain Titicaca.

I w tell you something later,thank you!

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One Hope

Last night i was in a shead sitting on a chair,i was looking at a mop.Suddenly,i undertood everything.This World,this Earth lives for money.Long time ago its was the same issue but nowadays this is evident,that the sky is crying at some point.In the World there are a lot of paper i mean - money.Paper has a power over the people,but the toilet paper is excluded.It doesnt have this power.I don't discover America,all people know that,but no one is warrying about,like me.Someone is running,someone is hurring up.The world belongs to those,who has money,many money.Is the truth in money?
Is that fair? Maybe im 2 foolish for understanding.Well,you've got a lot of money,so you own me? Its like a famous picture "Pharaoh and his slaves".
I have a girlfriend and i hear girl's conversations.They like succesfull guys,who have money and a freaky car and so on.No love and no friendship,nothing else just the dollar bill going on into there pockets.c. I have a car,but this robot-machine-car belongs to my daddy aka Elephant Betman,and in plus this rucking crisis.We are floating among debts.Sorry for hard words.
And we are not alone.But we are the only one,who will live in a room with grandmother and her horse.
I wish i could help a horse to live in his stable and a grandma to live in her nice house.This is not suggar falling from the sky!

The moment came adress myself to all the nations of the World.Ha! No thank you,maybe later.Success,please? Yee,maybe later! Now i must to pack all my stuf and my table in a box and go to my granny's house.And with my granny we will open the store righ|here.Unique things,for sale.Thank you! Follow up the news!




Potato Kidds

If someone asks you: what you can cook with potato? Reply will be:chips.But it's not far all the things you can make with it.
Long time ago potato fell from the sky.The potato hit some people's heads.Many people were injured,they even had
flactures.But no one is dead.Then came Garry Potter and said that it was a meal.Bon Appetit! That was a little story.
A human being needs to eat potato,because it's like an eternal bread.Always keep it in your pocket.If a bandit want to rob you,put a potato in his mouth and ran away.You can plant someone's hair in a potato,to make it grown and to cut(the Barber) Potato should be cooked in a pan.Notice how does she listen her master and doesn's yell: Please help me,so hot in here! You can craft toys from potato.Make eyes with buttons and mouth from plasteline.You can use it like a hockey puck, and also you can make presents to your family.There is good potato and there is bad potato.A bad potato usually stinks like Batman and a good potato usually crows like Mozart.Even the whole planet looks like a potato.I believe that potato will make me happy.I mean that it will bring me luck.Because we can speak about it non-stop it is an eternal issue.

Thank you! Follow up.