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Guatemalan whorehouse

To survive the harsh European winter, I went to work in Guatemala, and to relax at the same time. I'm really tired of already walking in a fur coat and lying in the hospital with a concussion, due to the fact that the public utilities did not properly clean off the snow on the roof of houses and damned blocks of ice fall on people, drop out of the sky. Mr. Incredible and the bomb both fall onto a rooftop, where the bomb detonates harmlessly as Bomb Voyage appears in a helicopter, but thank God the yellow snow season is over. I know that your house has burned down and now you are sitting in a tank, hide from the Corona Virus and want to poop. Now you hide like a scared deer. Many people probably didn't understand me, what I meant by the word "yellow snow". This concept came from mother Russia, when drunken junkies piss on the snowdrift, then the snow becomes yellow, because the patient's urine is yellow. It's a well-known fact, urine stops a jellyfish sting hurting so much. That's why a lot of people call such a quirky things "yellow colored" snow. Okay, simpleton? A friend of mine, who likes to play golf and eliminate snails with a golf club offered me a job as a security guard in a Guatemalan brothel. Jayna and I will take the other half and get the golf clubs and violin. In order to earn power, money, and fame, I agreed. I arrived in Guatemala on a rubber boat as a refugee from Syria and immediately asked for political protection from the repression of Saddam Hussein and the minions of african Mormons. I was immediately thrown into jail like a potato, but two days later I was released, because my lawyer bailed me out after paying an amount of - two boxes of bananas. Well, I shared a cell with a very strange chinaman and two rabbis, who scammed chinaman for money, selling him a Torah wrapped in rags, but instead of the Torah there were Mickey Mouse comics. Chinaman, who earlier denied involvement, was pecking a calculator like a woodpecker to compute the amount of money they will charge on the cocoa to be smuggled. So he noticed tricks of gypsies, they were dressed as greedy rabbis and were obsessed by cheap, meaningless thrills, lechery, gluttony and up on cash. Chinaman took off the hat of the disgusting gypsy, dressed as a rabbi and pissed into it and they were all tied up by the police, because law enforcement officers thought, that these people were holding an uncontrollable rally in support of gays. God saved El Chapo, and God should be praised for that mercy. As soon as I reached the capital of Guatemala, I went to the house that my friend mentioned, he plays golf.

The brothel was a basement on the outskirts of the city. Three rooms in the basement were separated by curtains. Each had two or three seats. This can be opened if you have a small amount of money and familiar cops - you can open a brothel, quickly build up capital and go into another business. This brothel was promoted due to the fact, that an old students were advertising sheets around the district. The mistress of the brothel was an old womana, who used to work as a cook on an atomic icebreaker. She knew all cops in the district, so I think her past connections worked here very well. I knew the cop, who went for the dough. The entire police department, and even ordinary people in the district, knew that there was a brothel in this place. Sometimes cops themselves came as clients. They were served by girls free of charge. I heard that the cops were paid about $ 50,000 a month for patronage, but how true is this, I don't know. At work, I did absolutely nothing, only met and escorted guests. It was hard to read books there - screams, moans, loud music. The most ideal is to play Tetris and sit in social networks. In order not to be bored, my colleague and I brought gym equipment. We found a sports equipment store that was closing, and bought sports equipment there. We had a barbell, horizontal bar, bars, dumbbells, weights. I ate, slept, rocked, and hung out on my phone. Conflicts with clients were resolved in words or with the help of guns. You could get a gun and politely ask the person to leave. Sometimes there was enough to use a gas spray. The main clientele in the consolation house is - workers, sometimes different politicians came. Also niggaz, arabs, russians, chinese, and latinos came over here. After the client is admitted, they are placed on the church guest bench. Free girls come out - this is called a show. He chooses. He takes the girl he likes and takes her to the room. Starting price is 500 dollars. For this price, client receives a blowjob, two contacts and a relaxing massage. Anal sex is for an extra charge. Prostitutes are different - asian, black, russian. Also different configuration - fat and skinny. One employee of our institution did not have a left leg, but for some reason she was in great demand. She was a good swimmer in her young days. By the way, sex-employeers bought condoms at their own expense and generally banged only in them. This is a prerequisite. Clients sometimes tried to remove the elastic band, but then, I or an administrator interfered with the situation and scolded him, often I used force and threw the naked client out of the brothel. Interestingly, but arab women are not taken into this business. There are a lot of people among the arabs, who don't like the fact that arab women are engaged in prostitution. They can come to a brothel, cause a riot, cause physical harm to someone, take an arab woman to the forest and kill her there. All the girls go to the brothel voluntarily. Now it is not profitable to kidnap and force anyone. This is a particularly serious article, and why force someone if there are people willing to voluntarily engage in prostitution?

Once, in our comfort house of consolations was an armed assault by fucked-up thugs. Regular clients came. Two rang the bell, three hid around the corner. I wasn't there then, there was my colleague Hans. He saw familiar people through the peephole, thought that everything was normal and opened the door. He was immediately kicked off his feet and rolled down the stairs. Those who hid took off. They had baseball bats. One of them has a pneumatic gun. They beat the shift guy, dragged him into a brothel, and started beating everyone there. A tablet and money were taken from the shift. They robbed black women, turned over the entire brothel. They took the cash register. The administrator hid in the toilet, but the door was knocked out, she was pulled out of the toilet and raped in addition. Hans the guard was also wanted to be raped. After that, a policeman entered the brothel. He came not because of an armed assault, but for his dough share.They saw him, drove him away, and when they caught up with him, they beat him with bats and shot from the pneumatics. They took ipad and two iphones and a gold chain. The thug raiders promised to return. They wanted to work a protection racket on their behalf. After that, I and the other guards decided to punish them. I went to a brothel and took with me a traumatic gun, a hunting rifle, knives, tear gas canisters. We decided to wait for the raiders to return. Barack Obama chews a bunch of Clinton's trimmed nails, while he cunnilingus Monica. As a result, two raiders came, and we recognized one of them. He was dressed in a jacket and torn underpants and the other was in tattered leggings and he had the stinking fumes of ebola coming out of the back hole. No, no, sorry, I got it wrong. This was the local master of sports in karate, who shoved a live eel before the competitions into the depths of his anus, for good luck. Unfortunately, the competition did not take place then, as his rival - the champion of Botswana in tango dancing thundered into the jail, because he committed an armed robbery of a pet store. He took a pack of dog food and two cans of canned food for cats as hostages. His demands were - a bag of money, a helicopter and to release all prisoners in Guantanamo prison. As a result, I began to beat one raider with a metal stock, began a fuss, my partner shot the detainees in the legs. Oh, I forgot to say, that these raiders brought a sweet roll with them. We advised the second guy, who was in tattered leggings to wait for the night and let him go. The second stayed with us. We held him hostage while shifted guys were looking for other raiders. In total, we kept them for about 20 hours. During this time, we tried to pull bullets out of their legs, but we did not succeed. The whores called their friend's doctor. But he couldn't get the bullets out either. They urged them to go to a hospital on the other side of town. The next night, we were detained by police - the one, which we let go, came to the relatives of his friend. When they found out that we were keeping him in a brothel, they leaked us to the cops. I served two months. Those, who made the armed assault are still sitting. I didn’t really like whores in a brothel, I even disdained them, but once, I ate pistachios, which one whore shared with me. Those who engage in such activities as these - are gradually degraded. They drink, they use drugs. We found syringes in the brothel. I don't think it's normal to sell your body, but I believe, that everyone has the right to do so. I understand why this whole prostitution thing is happening. I don't blame the girls. This is the fault of the surrounding reality. After a short time I returned to Europe, I did not earn much. I only had enough money for a single room in a hotel of Buchenwald.

 Thank you my dear for listening, follow up the news.