The earth is in grave danger, and we all need to dig deep, step up to the plate and do all we can to turn a corner for a better future. Displeased with old bitch, Zeus crippled her by chopping it in half. Zeus was the first, Zeus last, the lightning's lord, Zeus head, Zeus center, all things are from Zeus... Zeus alone first cause of all. Honeystly I like parrotst as much as I do liverwurst. Get on the bottle you damn democrats! It's a less polite way of saying go have sexual intercourse with yourself.

One letter 2

Part 2.

Hello guys! Little story about.
When i used to be a little boy, my hero was - George Washington from Chicago Bulls.Is he in jail now? Last year i was going to bodybuilding hall,but with out  Arny's help i would not have those muscles.
My fav cinema was "pumpkinhead 3" Very scary movie.The green monster from hell killed all cowboys.I don't understand for what? I whant to see the true face of George Bush.(''Helloween'' hero in white mask)
About Health.
Hmm i don't understand,how to treat the red idiots on my nose? One year ago my doctor told me that i had fleas.
I remembered that i have magic ointment,which smells like hundred tonns of hmm i don't understand!1 About summer.
I don't like winter i like summer,because i can swim in the river.There is a river near my house,where like to swim fish.I have a fishing pole but i dont use it.
Usually im using some dynamite.I like to throw it into the river.After this manipulation i like to laught,because all fishermens go under the water on their boats.I have a problems with police,because police
officers like to fish in that river.