The earth is in grave danger, and we all need to dig deep, step up to the plate and do all we can to turn a corner for a better future. Displeased with old bitch, Zeus crippled her by chopping it in half. Zeus was the first, Zeus last, the lightning's lord, Zeus head, Zeus center, all things are from Zeus... Zeus alone first cause of all. Honeystly I like parrotst as much as I do liverwurst. Get on the bottle you damn democrats! It's a less polite way of saying go have sexual intercourse with yourself.

Intro: Part 2

Yesterday I was praying and almost broke my leg, because not so long ago I have heard a scream from outside and jumped out of the window. I thought that I will become a hero, who save mankind from the jaws of the dragon. Actually it was ice cream ven going past the house. The driver was screaming in the loudspeakers that in his truck he had frozen hobbits sprinkled with sugar. Also he was screaming that he doesn't have driver lacense.

At the attic I  have a mop, covered in shit - it's for heroic acts, but it's not the main thing of that topic. I decided to open a store on this website, which sells random stuff. For example: chewed peas, used toilet paper e.t.c.There is a parable about a man who decided to earn some money. He sold his Rolls Royce for two cucumbers. One in his mouth and one in his ass. After this ritual he got frightend and got inside the wooden chest. Grandma tells that our neighbor Alejandro Pushkin still sits there. Actually we don't have such neighbor in region, ok.

Now utilities bills are getting biger and weather guy says that it will be a cold times. Therefore I had to chop a tree in the city park, to use it - as a fuel to my furnance. In my house there is an oven which is out of order. I have to cook my meals on the sewer manhole. But this happens very rarrerly, because I sleep more than eat. Hot steam, mmm yummy. All this are little things and I wouldn't trouble you up with my problems. Two years ago my daddy like Pinocchio took a loan. When the money ran out a bit, we had to pay our debt with boiled peas. When boiled pease was over - the situation become ill. So I decided to trade a little bit here to get out of this financial web. It's a ittle bit confusing to tell you about this. Crisis has robbed many people!
Thank you, follow up the news!