The earth is in grave danger, and we all need to dig deep, step up to the plate and do all we can to turn a corner for a better future. Displeased with old bitch, Zeus crippled her by chopping it in half. Zeus was the first, Zeus last, the lightning's lord, Zeus head, Zeus center, all things are from Zeus... Zeus alone first cause of all. Honeystly I like parrotst as much as I do liverwurst. Get on the bottle you damn democrats! It's a less polite way of saying go have sexual intercourse with yourself.


Wall Street again prevents me from earning money! Whos does not know what is Wall Street, let me explain. This is a street where many stones are piled in, so no one can pass throught. This article is for businessman in general. Brokers in stock market - sick people, they have nerves not ok.They are screaming, throwing papers, spitting on the floor and on each other. I think if the indexes will drop at the stock market - stock brokers will get frightened.They will turn into doves and shit themselves. Moreover, from the back door of stock market strange people are running out in the bath suits. They are running around the World and scaring people. The reason is, that on the stock exchange dishonest things are happening.

Here is a {rokbox title=|We must to prevent!| text=|plan| size=|561 350|}images/stories/spacefoto.jpg{/rokbox} to prevent them from running out of the stock market. The picture was taken from Space. This is a good plan, but I'm afraid that this guys in bathing suits in future, will run out from the toilet bowl.

As I like to say - it is tense situation in the World. Yesterday I have bought a VHS tape with the film Die Hard (part 2). I have to say that it's very scary movie. I got scared and went to sleep in the closet with a wooden sword in my hands. I will defend myself from stock brokers, which can crawl out from my sofa. That's why it's better to have a non stressful job - cultivate flowers and sell them under the guise of a vacuum cleaner. P.S Selling second hand sweater (with big hole). The ones who needs it - please contact me. Thank you, follow up the news!