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Brown Hadouken

I'm already tired of living in poverty, well, not so much that in poverty, but just bums already perceive me for their friend. They hang around next to my house, getting wasted, at the same time they were smashing bottles, were making sex orgies in cart board boxes and once even pissed on my fence. I even hung a sign on the fence "Homeless fagots are forbidden to urinate on the fence!", but this does not stop them. These scamings stole a goat on a local farm and they very often drink alcohol with her, then the goat becomes agressive and attack people. Once, when I went out in underpants with stripes onto the street to pick up letters from the mailbox, right in that moment I was attacked by that damn goat. She probably thought that I was a male inseminator and wanted to have fun with me. All though goats does not attract me the same way as women do, I got very scared that she would have to use physical violence to subdue me and in fear I ran back to the house. Turning on the television set, I saw president Trump, who pissed again on dirty gays and stupid lesbians and send them to ride on the Black Lord's jade staff. This is the Black Lord who reads rap on Wall Street. By the way, in Russia, President Putin is a very tolerant to these marginalized people, saying once to some citizen of Zimbabwe, who came to do sodomy in Moscow, he said: "Why don't you climb on your broom and fly away!". And only the President of North Korea sits, puffing out his cheeks and worried that some kind of fagots will arm themselves to the teeth and take away his power. He's worried that he will be stripped of his state authority. By the way, he himself is some kind of fucked-up marginal person and probably likes to take a bath with a rubber duck and other toys for consolations. How many toys has he got? Well, he has one nuclear warhead, which is similar to a used strapon from the cheap sex shop of Amsterdam. Let's not discuss topics about prostitution and drugs, because all of a sudden in the ocean can start earth tremors of a great magnitude and will start a terrible tsunami that will cover the entire Antarctica and the penguins will move into our region and will beg food like a goddamn pigeons.

Who knows when the flag of the Confederation will rise above the planet? For the stupid I will explain: there was a time when bearded bikers from West Coast league established slavery in America and black people collected tobacco on plantations and obeyed white people. By the way, great-grandfather of Barack Obama also collected tobacco on plantations and walked in slave chains. Fuck, sorry I made a mistake, his great-grandfather lived in Kenya then and trained an old elephant, with whom he performed in the circus. Fuck it! I'm against slavery, I'm more of a follower of the theory of machines revolt and the rebellion of Chinese rubber dolls for sex,  which is battery-powered. Well, you understand me, my dear perverts. Actually, all this is a real heresy, it is not necessary to indulge in passions on our Earth,  everything is the will of God. I prefer not to indulge in passions, not long ago I was banned on a porn site. The fact is that, I had a virus on my computer, which constantly visited porn site by himself and watched Brazilian carnival porn. I was very frightened of such disposition and almost shit myself from fear. I made a terrible thought, that the NSA agents could spy on me, they could connect to my pc and watch me jerk off thru my webcam. In fact, I do not do any bad things, but when I go online I put on a wig and fake beard, as did Bin Laden. Recently, I'm looking for a way to earn, so I would profit from it and my ass would explode. Where do you think I went first? Correctly! To the local Baptist mission. Their parish is situated in the same building that the company which is looking for an efficient manager In fact, the Baptists had a parish in the same building. And so I was about to find out the vacansy on the manager's position, but I saw a poster on which it was written the following, like a slogan "Whippin work, hallelujah!", baptists asked for volunteers and I went to visit them. There were some hungry and smelly bums in the room, nothing interesting. I was offered to go to Pakistan with baptist mission to spread the Gods word, but offer was so hot that I just pooped my pants in confusion. Baptists thought that I was the Messiah and began to sing the praising mantras. After these events the great parade of gang bang Carnival with dozens of groups and thousands of masqueraded people has begun in Rio de Janeiro.

Not long ago Forbes magazine published a list of the richest people on the Planet and I was attracted by one man, who got on this list and his name is - Jeff Bezos. I've seen this man on TV before, but I did not know who he was. He has such a kind face, a touching smile and a bald head, I thought that he was some kind of actor from comedy films, honestly. By the way, many rich people donate money to charity, but not Jeff. Since he does not know where it is better to donate money and expects different assumptions on this topic. What is a sin to conceal, this project is the place where you can to donate money for charity, the main thing is not to stint! Poor people will not forget your kindness! Please write down in comments if any good people have ever helped you. I'm not a greedy Raja and I'm not asking antelope to beat her hoof, I don't want to do this, so that money flows would be endless. I have a goal and I'm going to it, my goal is not a golden toilet in the bathroom, me goal is - to become an army dog commander and rebel against koreans who eat them. In fact, strange events are happening in the world, there is a trick everywhere. For example, in Germany it is accepted to fart at the table and do not apologize for this disgusting thing and action. People do not eat cows in India, because it is sacred animal there. Those who eat cows - hindu people take for bastards. All kind of weird shit is happening around - the Universe is a very delicate matter, as fuck. Probably I should go to work as a miner in the mine to keep my head clean from some sort of elephant shit. Dear readers and members of the club! I want to express my gratitude to you, for reading articles on this site and playing the game (allow flash plz. rules - read here). Do not be afraid to support me, because there's nothing wrong with that. I hope for some sponsorship from some kind hearted people, the coins will ring a melody to become like a small water stream or a big flow. The next news release will be special, which will simply destroy all the cinematography, because it will be video, which will flush all Hollywood down the toilet. Don't forget to write me and to offer your moronic suggestions. And send a little bit of cash on my account please, it helps me to buy refreshing spray for the toilet and a new computer. I also hope that someday this website will be full of sugar daddy's looking for an investment. Even if there would be any success, I will not leave this project and I will not run away like a crocked parrot, but I'll stay with you my dear readers and members of the club.

Thank you for attention! Follow up the news, share, play, buy and do not forget to do good! Let the Panda be with you! God Bless!