The earth is in grave danger, and we all need to dig deep, step up to the plate and do all we can to turn a corner for a better future. Displeased with old bitch, Zeus crippled her by chopping it in half. Zeus was the first, Zeus last, the lightning's lord, Zeus head, Zeus center, all things are from Zeus... Zeus alone first cause of all. Honeystly I like parrotst as much as I do liverwurst. Get on the bottle you damn democrats! It's a less polite way of saying go have sexual intercourse with yourself.


As you understand that the articles on this site are so unique and exclusive, therefore they are published monthly. The point is that the information flow is so big that a toilet bowl overflows. Therefore it is necessary to draw information from other sources. But if to be honest, I say that I'm t not getting information from any newspapers, news or other TV programs. Why do I need to load up my head with a random crap, when it's already covered with sawdust?
A couple of arrogant woodpeckers likes to knock their beak in my roof. And then form the attic - all sorts of rubbish are falling down on me. To be honest I didn't know that there died Pinocchio. Have you noticed that smells like verbal heresy?
This is all due to the fact that all people want to turn into a zombie, which will sit around the clock in the Internet and read useless
and senseless news from MSN, or other news sources. Human being often gets distorted information. For example: the news say that the victim has been shitted on by the bird, but they turn everything inside out. In fact, some monster have shitted on the victim. The monster was armed like a Rambo,  and his last name was Norris. Of course it is written to raise ratings, but why should they be needed for the zombies from MSN or Yahoo or other internet sources? And a lot of people who feed on that information, they sit there. Let's not talk about bad things, because there is a good news too.

Now - the autumn season and the leaves are falling down, and they creates impenetrable pile, in which I like to jump from the second floor. It brings me a lot of fun and glory. Once, someone put a brick into a pile, in which I have jumped later on. I'm tired always run barefoot in the bandages like a mummy. Longer I don't jump into the pile anymore, I jump on the inflatable trampoline. See! You got some interesting information! What a fun event, interesting news! Again, we are talking not about
the main concept of the website. The concept of this website - compassion, virtue and other good deeds, that cannot be put in the boot. Discussing various topics we climb in the mouth of a crocodile
and get off somewhere behind, we are walking by the edge of the razor! Yes, when the U.S. was on the brink of default, I played favorite anthem of bankers on saxophone - ringtones from the cartoon "Pokemon". This considerably improved situation in the World. Here I can say that I've committed a virtue. Often I run through the streets and scream about latest information about discounts in the second-hand shop. Thus I do charity. However yesterday, aborigenes came and robbed the store. Then they were arrested, because they didn't stand out in pink swimming costumes.

As you can see good can overcome evil. Okay, enough chatter, let's talk about some interesting project. As I said, here I'll open a potato shop, but I haven't opened this shop yet, because a lot of potatoes were distributed to the poor people.
Long time ago I had an idea - to create (to craft) unique things. I made a wooden bird, but today, accidentally stepped on her and she fell apart. Management helps me to live and to do the right things. Not long time ago I decided to start trading pictures.
I have a picture where Loch Ness monster is portrait (the one that lives in the lake). But for you dear reader I will give her for free (the picture at the bottom of the article), you will return the money later. All right ladies and gentelmen, I'm late to the singing indian concert. Do good and take care of the Earth.
P.S. I want to buy BMW 7 Series! In exchange I will give a box from TV with fresh air.
Thank you! Follow up the news and prepare the money! :D