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My Herringbone


Sorry i was not able to congratulate in time,because i had lost in the wood.Congratulations! You won! You'r the 100.000 visitor on this site,please take a surve and click the button ho! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! My Wish list for the people:

Be careful,glaciers are melting.Soon there will be a migration of penguins and walruses.Be careful,be happy.I hope that the Grinch will eat all your problems,and the Angel will give you happiness and joyful moments.

About Santa.Don't let him jump into your chimney,like a thief,just let him come in.On the Christmas day - i was sleeping,because i wanted to sleep.On the New Year's Eve - i was doing fitness-exercises,because i didnt want to sleep.At night i made a wish and went to sleep.My grammar is very good! What kind of wish? No! I will be quiet like a fish.

And finally - the New Year's poem (bass) :

Little Bush and the pancake good-good-good!
Bill and the pumpkin is a hood-hood-hood?
Baskin Robbins is a mood-mood-mood!
Potato is a food food food?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I hope that the store will open his doors.

Thank you for your attention!

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Few days ago i was in the zoo.There was bad air,because the zoo keepers have not cleaned up the elephant.I became scared and i decided that i need a toilet.I scared that someone could rob me in the toilet.I decided to wait.Suddenly i  saw the boy,who throws stones in a bear,which? was in a cage.I got mad,then i took a brick and have put him in the mouth of the bad boy.Had made a good act,i ran away.
Further i saw in a cage of  macaques.They have started to tease me.I become scared and ran away.While i was walking in a zoo i saw hippopotamus,who was screaming.Probably he was badly feed.The day was hot and i  decided to buy an ice cream.But suddenly i have lost my appetite.I saw a parrot,one of his leg was missing,which was selling an ice cream.Certainly it was the human, but he was like a parrot.He had only one tooth.He opened  the bottle of beer with it.My dream was to see a giraffe.I went to the place where they live.I saw the tablet -  ''giraffe is on holidays'' ho! I have become happy that i won't see him and went home,where potato always waits for me.

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Fairy Tale

Once the wolf  came to Bill Clinton,he has asked:
-Guess,what smell at the main office of the Microsoft?
-There smells as the original version of Windows XP : Clinton has answered
Unexpectedly the fox came into a room and has started to shout:
-Lie! There smells like the newest version of FireFox!!!
Suddenly the donkey came into a room and has started to shout:
-Close the mouth! The Internet Explorer will glory!
Suddenly the penguin came into a room and has started to shout :
-You are the greedy persons! You have got the closed code!
Unexpectedly bin Laden  came into a room and has started to shout :
-I know receptions in carat!
Unexpectedly furious Chak Norris has run into a room.He threw bin Laden in an oven,has closed her and has jumped out of a window.
Unexpectedly someone had knocked in an oven.It was Santa Klaus.
All have thought that he had brought the new version of Windows and have not opened to him a door of an oven.
Unexpectedly George Bush came into a room and has told - ''Buy some potatoes please!'' All were frightened and have jumped out in a window.
Remember! Only i have got the real potato! Please remember - it is not necessary to argue - let's love and be loved!

Thank you for attention! Follow up the news!

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Plug,the White House,a Potato(Grotesque)

Once i went to the White House on excursion.I wished to sell a few potatoes and to buy a presidential plug.
More precisely to tell not to buy,(impudently) to take from the kitchen.I didn't went on excursion.
Security has not let me in.Gorillas! I was upset.I have taken a shovel and have started to dig a trench to the house.I have counted to five seconds.There have arrived hospital attendants,for me.I have told that - i am a mole,they have released me.
I has gone home.Unexpectedly i saw a man laying on the road,he was naked.It was near my house.I also saw a woman and an old man,which were laying on the road,they were naked.I have undressed and  have laid down too.
And I have understood all.It is good to be free.Even if i not the billionaire.The person always does not have a few money.And here on it, - i went to the White House with a potato to sell it and to earn money.The situation was similar.A bit of grotesque.

Thank you for attention!

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Dream or real event?

Hello people!
Before financial crisis i worked as the seller of lemonade.I had a trailer with a liquid,from which i poured to people in(t) glasses.
But something has left from under the control and people have started to be poisoned with lemonade.All city had a diagnosis - a diarrhea.
People have revenged me,they have cut down my house on fire wood.I had to live on a tree.I slept headfirst,because kept legs for a branch.I have decided to be arranged for other work.I was arranged on a factory on processing a fish.There was a woman with me in the work shop, which weighed two hundred kg.I realised that the factory has gone bancrupt,because 1 ton of fish had disappeared.The woman has admitted to me,that has gobbled up all fish.It was unexpected,but she showed me a trick.
Once i threw her from the ninth floor,so she has managed to fall to a stomach and to jump up back on the ninth floor.Thank God that it was just a dream(or not).

Follow up the news.

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Soon there will be a grandiose event! And now,enjoy.On all questions just - Contact me.Thank you,follow up the news!

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I have understood that one of ways to earn – advertising.Now you can place advertising on a site.Above,below,at the left on the right.On all questions write to me on e-mail or leave comments or contact me All Africa reads my roots,Antarctica and penguins, the Europe,Asia,America and camels.I with pleasure(w)shall place your advertising. Thank you for attention! Follow up the news!

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Just tell me - why?




People think – (why)this site has been created? This site has been created for kind people,which are able to read and 2 chew.I’m not the greedy person,also shall not say lies.For example:Give me the money it is necessary to buy ointment!!! The hemorrhoids has tortured!!!It is necessary money for treatment.I often think why people for the sake of money are ready on any bad businesses? Why it is impossible to earn them fairly? Why the some people love each other because of money? I know the answer.

Maybe,because –a potato? Oh no.Wrong answer. Potato - a noble vegetable.I'm not the child and not the old grandfather,and i wish to earn my first million.How? I wish to work fairly or not fairly.Maybe you have got a work for me? Please! Im need it so.If work is not present - come into my shop and get unique things.I want goes on Lamborghini and to live in the cosy house,and who does not want it? But i'm stronger than others,want that.It would be desirable that kind people have helped me.I wish to construct a factory for manufacture of a paint or oil for cars.The bank will not give the credit,i have nothing to pawn.There is only a grandmother,a joke.If six billions people will offer money,i shall not construct a factory - I shall draw the moon to the Earth.If you have any wishes, offers or questions - write to me on e-mail or leave the comments.

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Spring theses from Chuck Norris

Theses have been found in a diary.Chuck Norris.


1.Do You wish to clean a teeth with taste of honey? - Climb in a beehive and take the honey.

2.Do You wish to sell the president? - Collect it in parts.Legs, Hands e.t.c.

3.Do You wish to be a Chuck Norris - Change a look of your face.

4.Do You want a fashionable hairdress? - Thrust fingers in the socket.

5.Do You wish to hide? - Climb to the woman under a skirt.

6.Do You wish to be a thick? – Become a thin.

7.Do You wish to become a dolphin? - You cannot become them, so-as you are the penguin.

8.Do You wish to be the idiot? - Jump in a pool from a springboard.




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Today i went to get a job.Passed by electrosubstation and has casually come there.’’Hello! It is possible to work for you?’’I have asked.The electrician…He has told to me – “the moron!” and has banished.I have come to the shop.Has come, has approached to the woman and started asking her about work.The malicious woman…She  has told to me – “the moron!” and has banished.She was the shop cleaner.I have gone to administration..In administration…they have told to me  - ‘’Excuse! Vacancies is not present.’’ I became upset and have left.This day i went – to the hospital, police, in different firms.Vacancies anywhere was not present.I was upset.In the World -financial crisis.What i must to do? I wish to help the daddy,he pays huge credits.We hand over half of apartment.All hope for the God and for kind people!

Thank you for the attention! Follow up the news!

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